New Product Release

August 3, 2018 davidparten

The KDRTM Primary Digital Radiography System provides advanced digital X-ray
capabilities in a small footprint, equipping urgent care and family practices to provide
general radiography services from exam rooms with limited amounts of space.
Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results
they need to make informed decisions faster, helping to boost throughput and patient
satisfaction for your practice.
• Superior image quality
• Compact footprint
• Versatile design























This unique U-arm features a compact design with dual telescoping arm movement that permits installation in settings having ceiling heights of just eight (8) feet.  Its fully motorized movements for SID, arm rotation, height, and detector angle can be automatically programmed for up to 20 user-specific radiographic positions utilizing the intuitive touch membrane buttons located tube side, an optional hand held remote control, or by using the additional membrane buttons on the detector side.  Complemented by a durable bucky design with an easily removable grid, patient safety anti-collision sensors, and an available mobile table, the Primary U-Arm is full featured and well-suited for all imaging environments, especially orthopedics, imaging centers and urgent care.