AirDR by iCRco

January 15, 2016 dbrickhouse Blog

Lightest, Toughest, Wireless •Multi-Room Configurations •Lightest Wireless Flat Panel DR •No Hassle Integration Into Existing X-ray Room

AirDR- Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Advance forward with the latest detector technology. Introducing the Air DR – the next generation of Flat Panel digital radiographic systems. Rugged and reliable, the Air DR is the lightest and thinnest panel available, backed by powerful image acquisition software. The Flat Panel Detector utilizes a low-power WiFi connection to transmit images, allowing you the freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections. Use only the best with the Air DR.

  • 3SEC Preview Time
  • 148 Microns
  • 6 Pounds


Powered by ICE-2

ICE-2 is the next generation of image processing. We upgraded our processing algorithm to enhance visuals, maximize resolution, and offer advanced evaluation tools for image manipulation. Our automatic image processing package increases visualization of fine-line detail and soft-tissue contrast. The Smart Smoothing™ technology improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.


Weighing in at only six pounds, the Air DR is the lightest digital radiographic system you can find. Its thin frame and wireless capabilities allows you to integrate it seamlessly into new or existing x-ray rooms. Utilizing advanced acquisition software, the Air DR allows you to achieve amazing workflow and save valuable time.


The Air DR utilizes an integrated and portable Flat Panel Detector. The detector transmits images to the acquisition station through a WiFi connection, eliminating the need for a hard wire. If WiFi is unavailable, a back-up cable connection can be used. Powered by a Cesium Iodide Scintillator, the detector delivers high-resolution images at the lowest possible dose.




Cable and Connector Board

The AirDR connector and cable board lets the user know about wireless connectivity, infared LED, battery life, and detector status. The power switch is located alongside the magnetic strip and connects the charging cable as needed for fast and easy recharging.

Battery and Charging Dock


The AirDR panel comes with removable battery and charging dock equipped with three slots for multi-charging capability. The charging dock is incredibly small, lightweight, and easy to use. Simply place the battery into one of the three slots available and charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously. The battery holds an eight hour charge and can take up to 200 images before recharging.