Fisher Giotto Digital Mammography System

January 15, 2016 dbrickhouse Blog

Fischer Medical proudly presents the Fischer-Giotto Image, with a truly innovative design that makes possible improved patient care, easier work for technologists and superior image quality.

Fischer-Giotto Image Digital Mammography

The Fischer-Giotto Image, with new detector technology and inclined positioning options, fully meets the demands of busy mammography departments with high patient throughput, such as screening units.

INSIGHT VIEW™ – Fischer-Giotto’s new image processing software coupled with second generation Selenium2 Detector technology produces beautiful mammography images with greater potential to visualize small and subtle micro calcifications.

Inclined Positioning can increase the amount of breast tissue near the chest wall that can be visualized. The inclined gantry allows more comfort for the patient as they can lean into the bucky.

Technologists and patients prefer Face-to-Face positioning


‘Face-to-Face Positioning’ makes the mammography experience more comfortable and less threatening for patients. Being face to face with the technologist is more natural and relaxed. Putting the patient at ease creates an environment where greater success in imaging is achieved.

‘Face-to-Face Positioning’ also makes it possible for the technologist to see the patient’s breast better, and move the patient into the correct position with ease and efficiency. The result is increased patient comfort, and less physical strain on the technologist.

After each exposure in the examination, with the touch of a single button the technologist can quickly and accurately move the gantry from one position to the next. Four control panels placed in strategic locations on the unit make it possible to control manual and automatic movements from any position. The automatic motions of the Fischer-Giotto Image isocentric height control can be customized into automatic sequences reducing total examination time.

Fisher-Giotto User Video at Boulder Commuity Hospital (Colorado)