Pausch Covator Radiographic System

January 15, 2016 dbrickhouse Blog

COVATOR offers the ideal radiographic for head-to-toe X-Ray diagnosis and is available with Fixed or Wireless DR panels.


Together with the new wall stand, this modern design can be used for all X-Ray images of the skull, thorax, pelvis, skeleton and extremities.

The unique powerful lift solution allows the treatment of obesity patients and the cost saving installation guarantees best economical use.

The optimization of the lowest and highest position eases both the moving up and down of handicapped patients and the preparation by your operator.


No matter which X-Ray solution you prefer – COVATOR is prepared for both anlalog as well as digital

COVATOR at a glance

  • Available with 30, 40, 50 KW 1-Phase and 40, 50, 65, 80KW 3-Phase Generators
  • Floating Table Top
  • High/Low movement
  • Patient load 320 kg
  • Electro-magnetically braked
  • Build-in option for X-Ray Generator cabinet
  • Simple upgrade thanks to modular design
  • Contact safety device in order to avoid collision
  • Safe click function in order to avoid accidental activation