PAUSCH Paxis 100 Digital Radiographic Straight Arm

February 10, 2016 davidparten Blog

Real Quality you can count on!!!Paxis 100 control pic

Paxis 100 Fast radiographic quality. A technicians dream machine. Simple installation, Low Up-keep. You will be in business in no time. Real quality you can count on. Ideal for Small Room Installations because of it’s unique free-standing design, the Paxis 100 provides a com installation footprint, and can be positioned anywhere in the examination room , giving you maximum flexibility when designing your new X-Ray room , or when retrofitting your current exam room .

paxis 100 pic3

A Straight Arm Solution, that is value driven, capable of accommodating your single detector solution. Alternatively, it can accommodate a standard cassette tray for CR or DR. It is also versatile enough to accommodate all other imaging solutions on the market today. With a constantly aligned Bucky and X-Ray Tube, it makes positioning quick and easy.

The standard configuration of motorized positioning means you now have a system with a tremendous ease of use and operability that any technician would embrace over their current equipment.

The Paxis 100 has a motorized source to image distances of 40” to 72”, with the ability to stop anywhere in between. Additional motorization is found in the vertical travel as well as the arm rotation. All motions are smooth and quiet. Its full range of motions means motions means you can perform skull procedures all the way through to the lower extremities.

The Paxis 100 has a tremendous amount of flexibility to suit your every need.