NEMA XR-29 CT Upgrade by Sapheneia

January 15, 2016 dbrickhouse Blog

Protect your reimbursements with XR-29 Dose Check. New requirements for scanners without dose alerts or dose tracking will impact your reimbursements beginning 2016. Stay ahead and extend the life of your equipment with Sapheneia and Scannerside


Scannerside XR-29 Dose Check

Scannerside™ XR-29 Dose Check was developed for legacy CT Scanners that do not have the MITA XR-29 requirement for Alerts. This solution is a seamless answer to extend the life of your existing scanner. Dose Check combined with Dose Tracking and Sapheneia’s low dose software will satisfy all of your MITA XR-29 requirements with exception of the automatic shut-off feature.*

Key Features

  • Pre-scan patient specific radiation dose estimate.
  • Pre-scan warning of high radiation dose.
  • Required acknowledgment of ‎dose estimate by technologist.
  • Technologist data entry box for explanation of high potential radiation dose