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January 15, 2016 dbrickhouse Blog

Scalable from office to enterprise, ScImage provides trusted solutions for IDNs, hospitals, imaging centers and private practices. Whether your needs are for a single modality using our Cloud PACS, or for a multi-discipline, multi-site setting, ScImage can help. Plus, all of our solutions are available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), per-procedure plan

Radiology PACS PACS was introduced to simply process digital images. Today, PACS is an intelligent combination of an under-the-hood workflow engine and a dynamic, integrated dashboard of automated presentation and reporting tools, all designed to create an efficient environment for clinical reporting.

ScImage has been delivering advanced, professional PACS technologies for nearly two decades. You can trust ScImage to deliver the tools you need for your PACS project.

At ScImage, we endeavor to create the perfect reading environment for the radiologist: From providing the most advanced visualization tools to designing a cascading landscape of images and reports – for the most prolific presentation of clinical information available.

Our design philosophy is to minimize your interaction with the system by reducing mouse clicks and eliminating redundant activities.

Part of that process is providing flexible ancillary tools to capture relevant clinical data before the exam shows up in your inbox. From wet notes to req sheets, prior images to prior reports, ScImage has the experience to provide the big picture.

By automating your display layout with intelligent image hanging protocols, organizing historical reports for one-click access, and providing user-customizable interface functionality, our PICOM365 helps create the perfect reading environment.

PICOM365 offers a host of advanced visualization tools for routine image review with native MPR / MIP tools, to specialty applications for 3D visualization, advanced image fusion, Gated SPECT and mammography viewing protocols.

An ideal radiology reading environment culminates from the intuitive, effortless presentation of relevant prior images, reports and clinical notes for a complete view of the exam order, not simply one procedure.

Through our PowerConsole™, you have the added flexibility of scroll-through access to all resident prior reports. Get the complete picture with ScImage.

Modality specific imaging tools are available such as:

  • Web based MPR, MIP and sliding slab MIP.
  • Volumetric image presentation for CT and MR.
  • Image stitching and surgical planning for Orthopedics.
  • Dynamic image presentation for vascular ultrasound.
  • Correlative, synchronized image presentation for mammography.
  • PET/CT Fusion for simultaneous metabolic and anatomical viewing.
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging with available Quantitative Gated SPECT.
  • Native imaging tools for all cardiology modalities

We took your recommendation and made reporting part of the PACS, not the RIS. We think it fits the workflow better and we’re sure you’ll agree.

    ScImage’s professional radiology reporting tools promote accuracy, quality and timeliness through the use of integrated Dragon voice recognition with spell check and report automation.

    In essence, when you open a study for reading, current images along with relevant priors are presented using your preferred hanging protocols, and the system is in ready mode to interpret your voice dictation – all with a single click. Plus, there are an unlimited number of report templates at your disposal via simple Dragon voice commands.

    For overly complex self-reporting cases, one simple click will let you bail out and forward your voice file to transcription for processing. It’s that simple. That elegant. And with our batch processing tools, you can easily sign off on externally processed transcribed reports. Our reporting tools help you cut through your workload faster, with incredible accuracy.

    All with built in tracking for ER discrepancies and a reporting engine that can deliver final reports to the point of care with automation. Now that’s smart.

    Whether your workflow requires voice recognition, traditional dictation support, or both, ScImage has powerful, flexible solutions.

    PICOM365 seamlessly completes the digital workflow loop: From order generation to delivering the signed final report to the primary care physician. From starting an investigation to delivering care. Expeditiously, efficiently and securely.

    In the absence of a core HIS or Practice Management, ScImage offers RIS / PACS workflow intelligence without the cumbersome distinction of two products. With PICOM365 you can benefit from integrated scheduling and order entry, with post-report billing triggers or direct bill processing.

    Your PACS system from ScImage can be the heart of your department or the brains behind your enterprise. As a front-line imaging and reporting application or as the nerve center vendor neutral archive, driving your peripheral systems.

    At ScImage, we’ve connected 159 hospitals across the U.S. – for one customer, to distribute and share the radiology reading workload. We’ve also built one of the largest Cloud PACS installations in commercial use today, providing web-based reading and reporting tools.

    Ask us how we can help you with your PACS implementation.

    • Cloud PACS
    • Departmental PACS
    • Distributed PACS with a Consolidated Worklist.
    • Enterprise PACS where radiology is one segment of an enterprise strategy.
    • Teleradiology for remote preliminary reading or primary reading of exams.
    • PICOM365 provides nearly two decades of development expertise in radiology imaging and advanced visualization. Trust ScImage to build the right solution for you.

    As a testament to ScImage’s PACS capabilities and focus on customer support – 100% of ScImage’s current radiology PACS customers would buy ScImage again!

    -According to KLAS Research
    Reported September 2011

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