Drive your imaging in the right direction

  • With its customer driven design, amazing usability and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility a new force in mobile imaging.
    Combining a remarkably narrow width and light weight with a powerful generator and imaging processing, it puts performance and agility at your fingertips.

Mobile imaging moving forward

  • Exceptional agility and ergonomics
  • Outstanding comfort and safety for patients and staff
  • A smooth, efficient workflow
  • Excellent DR image quality and potential for dose reduction
  • High-productivity bedside imaging of chest, abdomen, full leg/full spine, …
  • MUSICA Nerve Center for enhanced productivity and image quality
  • Seamless communication with PACS, RIS and HIS
  • SmartXR assistant

Tube head positioning in all directions

  • Easy & flexible swiveling of tube head in all 3 axes for precision positioning (ZeroForce)
  • Excellent freedom of positioning
  • Collimator rotation can be done while swiveling the tube head
  • Outstanding patient and operator comfort

10″ display for bedside adjustments

  • 10-inch tube head display, for bedside adjustments from the tube head
  • Convenient access to information on patient data and generator settings
  • Excellent image preview, images can be verified right away to be sure no retakes are required
  • Tube/detector alignment tool

22” touch monitor for image preview

  • The monitor’s viewing angle can be adjusted as necessary, to eliminate glare and light reflection
  • The DR 100s comes standard with the MUSICA Workstation
  • Broad range of features and tools available
    • touch-enabled intuitive interface
    • fast previews
    • vast number of exam presets

MUSICA Nerve Center

  • Automatically adds exposure parameters used to the digital image file
  • Communicates data seamlessly with RIS/HIS and PACS
  • Modality workflow data entry reduces risk of typographical errors
  • WIFI access at the patient bedside
    • increased exam efficiency
    • faster access to images for diagnosis and clinical review.

Excellent ergonomics

  • Measures only 58cm/22,8 inch wide
  • Power plug positioned at a convenient 75 cm above the floor
  • Height adjustable driving handle
  • Storage for sanitizer wraps, gloves and hand sanitizer integrated into the cover
  • Light weight unit

FreeView telescopic column

  • Increased visibility on the go
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Safe passage in busy corridors, elevators, and doors
  • Easy to drive, position and park

The devil is in the details

  • Locking mechanism for both detectors and remote control
  • DR Detector Care Program protects your portable detector from accidental liquid or drop damages
  • Integrated detector battery charger
  • Bluetooth remote exposure switch