AGFA Dura-line Panel Series


Confidence – Workflow – Image Quality

Select the Dura-line panel type that fits your needs

  • XD 10 and XD 10+ for neonatal, extremities and special examinations
  • XD 14 and XD 14+ for neonatal, extremities and special examinations
  • XD 17 and XD 17+ for all GenRad examinations

Peace of Mind at your work

No concerns about:
  • Incidental drops: shock resistance up to 1m height drop
  • Power autonomy: 15 hours operating time
  • Changing environments: 0 to 40° operating temperature
  • Liquids: IP67 protection rating
  • Security of patient data: WPA2-PSK Cybersecurity

Diagnose MORE patients in a SHORTER time

  • Intuitive MUSICA workstation offers reliable interface and fast image workflow
  • 15 hours operating time on two batteries, no charging necessary
  • Fast, reliable communication based on 3 Wi-Fi antennas and a built-in, integrated hot spot

High Image Quality

  • MUSICA industry-best image processing software based on AI algorithms for sharp images with amazing number of details
  • Dura-line XD+ detectors’ DQE of 75% @lp/mm
  • Dura-line XD: MTF value of 90% offers high sharpness
  • Potential for dose reduction