AGFA HealthCare CR 10-X Computed Radiography

Your Entry to Digital Quality Imaging

The solution? The CR 10-X – an entry level, compact single
slot, table top digitizer that provides your gateway into a
digital future with Computed Radiography (CR).

Priced For The Cost-Conscious

The simple yet smart new design concept of the CR 10-X creates an affordable opportunity to enter the CR environment. By addressing the needs of lower volume operations, rural hospitals, private practices and wherever there is a plan to move from analog to digital, it is the ideal choice for the cost-conscious organization.

No compromise On Image Quality

Comprising high resolution scanning of 100μm pixels, through MUSICA² image processing with NX, the CR 10-X processes plates at a rate of 34 per hour. MUSICA² automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters – independent of body part and dose deviations. The result is minimal retakes, re- or post-processing and no body part dependent configuration or customization required. In addition, MUSICA² provides a consistent look and feel on the CR images, when combined with Agfa HealthCare’s DR system, providing extra diagnostic confidence. Because MUSICA² is completely automated, and does all the calibration and processing, there is no lengthy training required and technical experience is not necessary.