AGFA HealthCare DR 400


Digital Imaging At Your Own Pace



Digital solutions can be affordable and still meet the high quality standards you need. With our DR 400 we offer a complete, scalable DR solution that can grow and develop with your facility. A solution that allows you to choose your own digital path at your own pace and that answers the need to deliver higher throughput with a lower cost per examination, all while providing excellent image quality.

Digital Radiography made affordable

Created to meet the needs of community hospitals and private radiology practices, the DR 400 enables price- sensitive customers to join the drive to go digital. Its versatile floor mounted radiography system enables you to go from film to computed radiography (CR) to digital radiography (DR) – at your own pace and budget.

Capable of integrating with other elements of your existing system with little adaptation, the DR 400 offers multiple digital configurations, ranging from a CR-based solution, to a single detector DR system, to a comprehensive multi- detector DR system. So you can start where you want – for example with a CR cassette-based solution – and then move up to cassette-less DR when you are ready.

Floor mounted for ease of installation and use

The DR 400’s floor mounted system comprises a radiographic table with integral floor guide rail and a wallstand. Requiring little room preparation, it is easy to install and, at just 12 x 6 feet (4 x 2 m) in size, needs limited space. Complemented by a choice of generators and tubes, this compact in-room solution requires only a single person with minimal training to operate it, making it highly cost-effective. Supports additional or existing Agfa HealthCare CR for maximum versatility The combination of DR with additional CR systems enables the capture of all general radiography examinations and complex studies such as single-shot CR Full Leg Full Spine with high accuracy and image quality. Moreover there is a solution for every budget. When moving from film to CR, you enjoy a choice of powder phosphor plates or needle phosphor detectors. For the transition from CR to DR, detectors using either Gadolinium OxySulphide (GOS) or Cesium Iodide (CsI) technology are available. The choice is – always – yours!

Tailor it to your unique needs

Your imaging environment and needs are unique, and the scalable DR 400 offers plenty of options for you to tailor your solution your way. So you can excel in image quality, workflow and functionality at a price you can afford.

You have a range of options to choose from:
  • Motorized vertical tracking of the tubehead automatically adapts the height of the tubehead when the height of the bucky is changed, for better and easier patient positioning;
  • 10-inch multi-functional display on the tubehead, automatically rotating, with image previews, radiographic parameters, and more;
  • Automatic cassette size sensor in the rotating bucky that controls the automatic collimator and speeds up the workflow;
  • DAP (Dose Area Product) meter: either external (with the manual collimator) or internal (for the automatic collimator).

Built around solid, German-manufactured, best-of-breed quality hardware, the DR 400 secures your investment and provides excellent uptime and reliability as well as a low total cost of ownership. Flexible configurations, from basic analog to fully digital, allow you to select a solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Choice of tubes at different levels of generator power and heat
  • Effortless column motion facilitates the most complicated
  • Practical and easy to manipulate tubehead
  • 10-inch multifunctional tubehead display provides radiographic parameters, SID, tube angulation, image preview, ….
  • Compact, floor mounted tube column enables low cost
  • Manual and automatic versions provide options for all
  • Counter balanced wall stand with optional tilting function provides smooth, effortless
  • Lowest detector height enables all standing knee
  • Robust and user friendly for both operator and
  • Double touch foot switches support safe
  • Radiographic table offers choice of elevating or non-elevating
  • Handles patient weight up to 320
  • Bucky tray’s horizontal movement aids patient positioning.
  • Radiographic accessories such as lateral cassette holders and compression belts can be attached to the tabletop
  • Choice of generators ranging from 40 kW to 80 kW – higher powers enable imaging of heavier patients with shorter exposure times for even sharper images.
  • Automatic Exposure Controls (AEC) deliver faster switching and highly accurate
  • Choice of fixed built-in DR detectors or wireless/tethered DX-D cassette-sized DR detectors