AGFA HealthCare DR Retrofits DX-D 45, 40 & 60 Cesium or Gadolinium

It only takes an instant to go DR

DR Retrofit: No Limits to Retrofitting Your X-Ray Department with DR AED Detectors

With Agfa HealthCare’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit solutions, you can easily upgrade your existing X-ray modality to direct radiography (DR) while protecting your current investment. From X-ray rooms to mobile analog units, it only takes a moment to go DR! Migrating to DR technology gives you all the benefits that immediate, high quality images provide. But replacing your existing equipment is costly. With DR Retrofit, you have a smart, seamless and budget-friendly path to capitalize on the advantages of going DR. Both your mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become high-productivity DR systems, giving you a cost-effective way to implement DR technology throughout your departments.

No compromises High Image Quality at a Lower Dose

The DR Retrofit is all about versatility: you decide which wireless detector – Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) – best meets your exam and budget requirements. Both detectors give you exquisite image quality with our industry leading MUSICA image processing software, and CsI detectors offer the potential for radiation dose reductions of 50 to 60 percent depending on conditions*.

What’s more, the high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), even at low dose and high resolution, makes these detectors especially suited for examinations where dose reduction matters most, for example pediatrics and neonatology. The Dose Monitoring tool provides the ongoing exposure monitoring that is key to controlling dose. Dose Area Product (DAP) meters are also available as options.


The DR Retrofit solution comes with our automatic, intelligent, body part-independent MUSICA image processing, which has been specially adapted and tuned to enhance DR image quality. MUSICA analyzes image data for bones and soft tissue separately, eliminating the need to compromise on either contrast or density. The resulting image quality shows greater detail and allows you to extract diagnostic information quickly, without any time-consuming manual adjustment of the image. This increases productivity and reduces examination times for faster patient turn-around.

A LED status indicator can be easily mounted in the X-ray room, making the detector status visible from far away.