AGFA HealthCare DX-D 100+


FreeView Technology

Navigating busy corridors and rooms is easier and safer with the FreeView technology: the telescopic arm and column are collapsible, providing you an unobstructed view as you maneuver. You can get to your patient swiftly and securely, while the easy-to-use system lets you quickly pop the column back up where you really need it: the patient’s bedside.

Fully motorized, heavy-duty solution

The compact, mobile DX-D 100+ is a fully motorized, heavy-duty solution designed to cope with challenging imaging tasks. Secondary controls on the system’s arm allow positioning to be refined without returning to the main console. This enables operation by just one person and allows you to always stay with your patient.

Wireless mobility for improved flexibility and infection control

The wireless capability of this mobile solution provides excellent flexibility, improving your overall workflow. In addition, the lack of trailing cable makes it a more hygienic solution, ideally suited for use in the ICU, pediatrics, and neonatal areas.

Batteries and configuration provide maximum power and autonomy

Lead crystal batteries are changing the possibilities of mobile imaging technology. Robust, resilient and performant, they offer 30% more autonomy, 30% more exposures, 30% more time before charging*. The unique split battery set configuration further extends the autonomy, by taking the power needs of the motor and generator into account separately. This allows the DX-D 100+ to capture, for example, up to 200 thorax examinations with one charge. The battery sets charge through a standard power socket, without special wiring, and the system can be used while charging, avoiding downtime.

Powerful generator reduces exposure times and delivers sharper images

The DX-D 100+ is equipped with X-ray generator power of up to 50 kw, making it ideal for imaging dense areas. The generator power rating is true, effective power – not a peak value. The high-power results in shorter exposure times and less motion blur, for sharper abdomen and spine examinations and sharper images for bariatric patients.

Ergonomic and maneuverable in restricted spaces

Requiring only light pressure to the drive handle to move it, the DX-D 100+ is easily maneuvered to any location. Its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors, while large wheels make mounting small steps easier.