AGFA HealthCare DX-D 300




Optimal flexibility. The versatility to capture a wide range of studies. Enhanced productivity through excellence in image quality. Easily installed in a limited space. The DX-D 300 is the quick and easy way to go direct digital. With it, you’ll enjoy – consistently – the high image quality of MUSICA image processing.

Optimal flexibility for universal use

Its U-arm makes it suitable for lateral ‘cross table’ exams on rolling tables and, as a result, can be used in a number of configurations:

  • For ambulatory patients who can “walk and talk”, it is ideal for chest, extremities and abdomen studies.
  • For light emergency work, a rolling table means easy access to the patient for immediate positioning.
  • Free exposures, such as those for patients in wheelchairs or Full Leg Full Spine exams, can be achieved by manually rotating the tube out of its axis.

The combination of a single detector with a fully motorized positioner, and automatic collimation from the NX’s exam pre-sets, increases productivity and ergonomy for the radiographic technician.

Affordable way to go direct digital

The productivity of the DX-D 300 reduces the cost per exam and makes direct digital a smart investment. The intuitive nature of the NX workstation reduces staff training costs, while the number of exams achieved per X-ray unit is greater than two times that of a conventional room, maximizing cost-efficiencies.

Widest range of exams in a limited space

Space is at a premium in most healthcare environments. As a floor mounted X-ray unit, the DX-D 300 is easy to install and requires limited space of just 3 m x 3 m x 2.8 m. Its small footprint provides a compact direct digital X-ray solution that enables you to capture the widest possible range of exams, all in a single room.

MUSICA enhances DR image quality

At the heart of the DX-D 300 DR system lies Agfa HealthCare’s gold standard imaging software, MUSICA – intelligent and automated digital radiography image processing for regular high quality image visualization. Exam independent, MUSICA automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters – independent of user input and dose deviations. The result is minimal re- or post-processing and the production of high quality images with excellent definition and contrast.

High quality imaging and potential for dose reduction

Combining the DX-D 300’s direct image capture capabilities with MUSICA image processing tuned for DR – renowned for its contrast-detail – means you can enjoy excellent image quality and the potential for dose reduction.

High technology detector

The DX-D 300 DR system offers you a high quality, fast, needle phosphor Cesium Iodide detector. This provides you with the high resolution of nine mega pixels, productivity and versatility, high image quality, and the opportunity to reduce patient dose.

Fixed detector or optional cassette-size bucky

The DX-D 300 comes with a choice of fixed detector or optional cassette-sized bucky, for maximum detector flexibility. The fixed detector is “drop safe” and does not need to be rotated from landscape to portrait. The optional cassette-sized bucky allows images to be taken with DR detectors outside of the bucky, so you don’t need an extra device for free exposures, such as weight-bearing feet exposures, exposures for patients in a wheelchair, etc. It can also be used with CR cassettes, offering an easy path to DR, or upgraded with a wireless detector.