AGFA HealthCare DX-D 600

A High Performance X-Ray Room

The DX-D 600’s range of innovative, integrated features including full automation, powerful MUSICA image processing software, and high technology detectors, delivers excellent X-ray room performance.

Available In Full Automation or Semi Automation

The DX-D 600’s fully automated, ceiling suspended solution offers optimal study versatility and high throughput  designed to deliver a truly integrated, innovative X-ray room.

MUSICA and NX acquisition station deliver enhanced workflow

The inclusion of the much-acclaimed MUSICA image processing software and the NX acquisition station within the DX-D 600 solution delivers fast acquisition, integrated CR/DR capabilities and excellent connectivity with RIS/PACS.

High technology detectors offer dose reduction potential

Offering a choice of fixed, portable and wireless detectors, the DX-D 600’s Cesium Iodide detector technology delivers excellent  image  quality,  immediate image  availability  and a high potential for significant dose reduction*. For cost effectiveness, optional Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide technology detectors can also be integrated to enable further price reductions.

Excellent automation optimizes productivity

The DX-D 600 provides the latest in leading-edge auto-positioning technology, fully-automated tracking and manual positioning – with quick, near zero-force manual movement in all directions making it indispensable in an emergency situation. Robotization, in combination with the pre-programmed NX exam tree, the automated MUSICA processing, and seamless integration with RIS and PACS, enable you to achieve optimal productivity. Automated controls facilitate ease of use and high throughput Designed for both ergonomy and productivity, the DX-D 600’s automation makes it easy to steer and use – invaluable in high throughput situations. Its ceiling suspended tube crane is operated through a touch screen control panel and integrated soft console on the NX monitor. By selecting a thumbnail on the NX workstation followed by auto positioning, you can control all ceiling movements. The touch screen provides APR and X-ray parameters, including the patient’s name. Additional features include LED lighting that indicates when the table or wall stand is in use, and multiple programmable parking positions to which the unit returns after each exposure.

Detector choice offers increased flexibility

The DX-D 600’s choice of fixed or tethered portable DX-D 10 and DX-D 20 detectors or wireless DX-D 30 detector in both its table and wall stand offers you increased flexibility across the widest range of studies. Accurate  and  efficient  dose  management  to  the  millisecond By using leading-edge solid state Automatic Exposure Control for high-speed accuracy and collimators with Dose Area Product meter, the DX-D 600 optimizes and automatically reports doses. Short exposures offered by new solid state dose sensing technology keep dose measurement accurate to the millisecond.

DR Full Leg Full Spine option

The DX-D 600’s fully motorized wall bucky has vertical tracking and offers the option of DR Full Leg Full Spine. The accurate motorized movement of the wallstand and tubehead provide excellent image quality thanks to accurate stitching capabilities.

Maximum load and positioning capabilities

In terms of load and position, the DX-D 600 is ideal for the widest range of patients and types of study. The radiographic table supports a maximum patient load of 300 kg (661 Lbs), enabling you to undertake the most logistically challenging studies. Grid sensing for both the table and wall stand alerts the operator to the grid’s insertion, providing optimum exposure quality. In addition, full motorization that offers vertical / horizontal table bucky tracking and auto-positioning, and a tilting bucky on the wall stand, makes rotation from landscape to portrait simple.