GE Discovery PET/CT Scanners

GE’s Discovery STE PET/CT scanner contains the ideal PET components that add up to optimized performance. It is the only detector optimized for both 3D and 2D imaging with full septa for optimal imaging of patients of all sizes. Isotropic crystal design also accurately shows lesion size and shape. It features thick 30-mm BGO detector crystals, selected for effectiveness with cancer radiotracers for the highest stopping power in the industry. Discovery STE’s PET also contains square quad photomultiplier tubes specially engineered to boost the detector’s efficiency at collecting image information significantly. The Discovery STE also includes a full-featured GE LightSpeed 16-slice CT with attenuation correction – the best on the market for oncology and cardiovascular applications. It simultaneously acquires multiple adjacent slices of anatomy with solid-state GE HiLight Matrix detectors with high X-ray stopping power, low afterglow, z-axis uniformity and transparency. Its optimized image quality covers a full range of applications with speeds of up to 0.5 seconds and variable scan speeds adjustable in 0.1-second increments. It can also serve as a stand-alone CT