Scannerside Dose Tracking

Scannerside Dose Tracking now available through Sapheneia Sapheneia’s new partnership with Scannerside empowers you to rapidly track dose per patient, comply with regulations and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Dose Sheets


Quickly communicate radiation dose information to patients with printouts available after exam / procedure completion. Re-assure patients that radiation dose is monitored internally while improving your brand. Offering dose printouts improves the experience, return rate and ROI.

Scannerside Dose TrendDose Trends


Take advantage of real-time, detailed, web-based radiation dose trends and analytics to identify peaks and establish averages per exam. Evaluate real-time protocol changes while generating cumulative patient reports.

Scannerside AnalyticsReal-Time Analytics


Monitor scanner image volume, volumetric trends & other complex data in real-time via an easy to use interface. Identify maximum mSV radiation dose for each exam type corrected for pediatric / bariatric patients.






“Having radiation dose monitoring is a basic requirement for any serious pediatric hospital”.
Pediatric Radiologist SUNY

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