Siemens E-Cam (Refurbished)

The Siemens E.Cam Dual head variable angle enables 180°, 90° and 76° detector positions allowing the system to optimize sensitivity and through put for general purpose cardiology, oncology and neurology studies.


  • High Performance Digital Acquisition Controller
  • Dual High Definition Variable Angle Digital Detectors
  • 59 photo multiplier tubes per detector
  • Two 3/8 in. Thick Crystal Assemblies
  • Semi Automatic Collimator Exchanger
  • 2 Collimators of choice
  • Ultra-Thin Imaging Pallet with Prone imaging Ability
  • True rectangular FOV of 15.25” x 21”
  • Rotational Speed .33 rpm to 3 rpm
  • All motorized motions of the patient bed are controlled from two ergonomically designed band controllers
  • E.soft Workstation
  • E.soft 4.0 Clinical Functions