PPX Imaging offers Refurbished GE Optima 660 CT Scanners

GE Optima 660 64 Slice CT Scanner – Refurbished Installed with a 1 year Warranty

Optima 660 1The Optima 660 is a True 64 Channel Acquisition with high Resolution Detectors scalable up to 128 slices

Dose Optimization, Artifact Reduction, Sagittal, Coronal, and Volume Imaging

Ability to monitor scan phases for low dose intravenous contrast enhancement

Dose Management capabilities with tracking hardware and software to minimize patient dose

DLP (dose length product and dose efficiency display of patient dose information, dose reporting tool and DICOM structured reports, XR 29 Compliant)

Volume Viewer, One Stop Scanning, DentaScan, Table load up to 500 pounds Network Archival Router to PACS, 70 CM Aperture, 6.3 Mhu X-Ray Tube with wide range MA (10-560), High Frequency Generator 48 kW Output