Covid-19 and the High Demand for Chest Imaging

During this ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there is a high demand for imaging equipment to help make swift, accurate diagnosis of this virus in our state and across the nation. There will be considerable constraints on our healthcare system, facilities and supporting companies during this time. Please be aware of the following on behalf of PPX Imaging and our manufacturers:


  • Chest radiography systems are in the highest demand.  Chest imaging systems, such as U-Arms and Straight Arms, Floor-mount, Ceiling-mount and Full Radiographic Systems are readily available for expedited delivery and install.


  • Digital Portable/Mobile Radiographic Machines and Wireless Digital Radiography Panels are also in high demand and readily available.


Currently, triage centers are being created slower in our geographical area, but we are here to let you know we can help with any DR portables, Panels, Point-of-Care Ultrasounds, and other imaging needs you may have.