Brochure     Datasheet   A TRULY MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION What does MULTI-PURPOSE mean to you? Fully integrated digital imaging, with MUSICA image processing for Radiography and for Dynamic imaging? A wide range of features combining unrivalled positioning freedom with workflow improvements? Yes, the DR 800 delivers all that, and much more! Supporting general radiography, fluoroscopy, and advanced clinical …

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With its customer driven design, amazing usability and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility a new force in mobile imaging.
Combining a remarkably narrow width and light weight with a powerful generator and imaging processing, it puts performance and agility at your fingertips.

AGFA HealthCare DX-D 100+

Brochure     Datasheet   FreeView Technology Navigating busy corridors and rooms is easier and safer with the FreeView technology: the telescopic arm and column are collapsible, providing you an unobstructed view as you maneuver. You can get to your patient swiftly and securely, while the easy-to-use system lets you quickly pop the column back up where you …

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AGFA DR14s & DR10s

DR14s Brochure     DR10s Brochure   DR 14s CASSETTE-SIZED DIGITAL DETECTOR – Available in Cesium and Gadolinium The full field Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) means no electrical connection to the X-ray system is required, for seamless use with virtually all X-ray systems. With its 14 x 17-inch size, the DR 14s can fit into an incubator bucky …

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AGFA Dura-line Panel Series

AGFA XD10 Brochure     AGFA XD14 Brochure     AGFA XD17 Brochure   Confidence – Workflow – Image Quality Select the Dura-line panel type that fits your needs XD 10 and XD 10+ for neonatal, extremities and special examinations XD 14 and XD 14+ for neonatal, extremities and special examinations XD 17 and XD 17+ for all GenRad examinations Peace …

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AGFA Healthcare Valory OTC

Brochure   Balancing reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and, above all, easy-to-use design, the VALORY DR room provides the true value you need, combined with legendary MUSICA image quality. Your radiology department is under constant pressure to enhance efficiency while meeting strict budget requirements. We’ve built upon our long-term experience and close relationships …

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AGFA HealthCare DR 600

  Top-Performance Digital X-Ray Room     With its high-productivity, innovative features and ZeroForce Technology offering high speed, precision and comfort, the fully automated DR 600 streamlines workflow, increases throughout and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike, even in the busiest imaging environment. WHY CHOOSE THE DR 600? Single or multi-detector, high-productivity and …

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AGFA HealthCare DR 400

  Digital Imaging At Your Own Pace     Digital solutions can be affordable and still meet the high quality standards you need. With our DR 400 we offer a complete, scalable DR solution that can grow and develop with your facility. A solution that allows you to choose your own digital path at your …

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