Product Category: PET/CT

Cardiac PET Scanners

PPX Imaging offers dedicated Cardiac PET scanners from GE, Siemens, and Philips.

Philips Gemini 16

The Philips Gemini 16 is the first scanner in the world equipped with Expanse technology, an open design system that can separate for interventional applications during scanning. The Expanse system helps to reduce patient anxiety and claustrophobia. The Philips Gemini 16 features 3D image quality for scatter reduction, high image quality, fast image acquisition, a …

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GE Discovery PET/CT Scanners

GE’s Discovery STE PET/CT scanner contains the ideal PET components that add up to optimized performance. It is the only detector optimized for both 3D and 2D imaging with full septa for optimal imaging of patients of all sizes. Isotropic crystal design also accurately shows lesion size and shape. It features thick 30-mm BGO detector …

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Siemens Biograph PET/CT Scanners

A flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform, Siemens Biograph® offers an unmatched range of performance options to enhance image resolution and quality, and improve patient satisfaction as well as throughput. Biograph’s clinical solutions are designed specifically for hybrid modality integration, providing what you and your patients’ need most — clinical accuracy and speed to diagnosis. Choose …

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