GE VCT, LightSpeed and BrightSpeed CT Scanners

PPX Imaging continues to offer refurbished CT units manufactured by GE Medical Systems. The GE CT Scanner is one of the most popular CT units throughout the world. GE’s unmatched quality continues to introduce cutting-edge technology into the daily clinical practice of the Hospital and Imaging Centers.

Our refurbished GE units consist of the LightSpeed VCT 64, LightSpeed 16, BrightSpeed 16, and Lightspeed 16 RT. The GE systems offer optimal speed, power and resolution while offering a small footprint that allows it to fit into the same space as many single-slice CT systems.

When you purchase a CT scanner from PPX Imaging you get the security of knowing your investment is protected with over 100 years of combined experience from the engineers employed in the PPX Imaging service department.

This is a typical CT equipment configuration we offer with your purchase of a refurbished GE CT from PPX Imaging. Of course, each unit is configured differently and will have specific components listed on our formal quotation to you.