GE Precision 500D

Precision™ 500D simplifies and improves virtually every aspect of your operation. You’ll accommodate more patients than ever before, thanks largely to a remarkably user-friendly interface. Generate images of extraordinary clarity with an imaging chain that features a 12-bit CCD-based camera and high-resolution intensifier. Conserve dose with a range of advanced dose management features. And transfer images and patient information instantly, effortlessly, through a completely integrated DICOM 3.0 connectivity package. Best of all, since Precision 500D is designed and manufactured by industry leader GE Healthcare, you’ll do it all with a system you can count on day in, day out. Year in, year out. Patient in, patient out

Whether you already have the Precision 500D R&F system installed or are looking for a new R&F solution, you’ll appreciate the flexibility our DR Imaging Option gives you digital radiography today or tomorrow. The Precision 500D gives you the flexibility to fulfill a variety of R&F roles depending on your needs.

You can choose:

  • Digital-ready R&F system that converts easily when you’re ready, or
  • Fully digital R&F system from the start

Why Choose Precision 500D?

  • Cost-Effective: The system allows you an affordable transition to digital radiography, enabling you to ease into your digital solution when you’re ready.
  • Enhances Workflow: Touchscreen monitor lets you quickly select the protocol, display images in real-time and transmit them automatically to PACS.
  • Better Room Utilization: By adding our DR Imaging Option, you get an R&F system and a digital radiography room all in one.
  • Speedy Upgrade: The DR Imaging Option can be added in as little as one day, with minimal downtime or interruption