GE RF Insight Enhanced

The Only Digital Imaging Technology Update Dynamic Flat Panel for the GE Precision 500 and Legacy Systems


  • Windows 10 Platform
  • Eliminates the OEM Saturn Windows 95 Computer
  • 50% or More Dose Reduction
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Upgrade Provided to your Proven R and F Room
  • Table Side Operators’ Controls
  • Complete Rooms Available


Image acquisition:

  • Fluoroscopy and Pulsed Fluoroscopy Acquisition at 30, 25, 15 and 7.5 Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Fluoroscopy stores up to 30 minutes of fluoroscopy per exam (For MBS and speech therapy patients)
  • Support for single or dual monitor operation for “live” and “reference” touchscreen monitors
  • Immediate image review with post processing features such as annotations, and region of interest
  • Standard image processing features include invert, zoom / pan, window / level, edge enhancement and variable playback speed controls for multi-frame sequences to optimize patient review
  • Patient studies can be printed to any Windows printer or archived to PACS
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Replaces the Saturn/Digital acquisition (Windows 95) computer on the Precision 500
  • Spot Exposure Frame Rates 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Retrospective save allows for the saving of short fluoroscopy loops during any study
  • Our unique Prospective save is designed for MBS studies and can save up to 30 minutes of fluoroscopy and can eliminate the video recorder
  • Unique Feature Fluoroscopy Loop Editing
  • Flexible and customizable image process settings to match your system and needs
  • Unique Table Side Operator controls enhances workflow
  • Our CSI Dynamic Detector has a quantum detection efficiency of 56% compared to end-of-life CCDs in the Precision 500D at 35%
  • Low/Medium/High Dose Support
  • Elimination of GE DRS cabinet for the Advantx and Legacy
  • Optional Dosimetry Kit displays and records exposure dose and fluoroscopy dose rate
  • Display & Recording of Air Kerma, Air Kerma Rate, and Fluoroscopy Time
  • Auto print to DICOM PACS of dose report per exam
  • DICOM Send /Worklist


  • Media Write to external drive which may require a new facility HIPPA compliance letter for patients
  • Reference Monitor Support