OEC 9800 Surgical C-Arm

The GE OEC 9800 C-Arm System is a versatile unit designed with multiple x-ray applications in mind. The 9800 can be used in Pain Management, Orthopedics, Vascular and Neurovascular environments. An upgrade from the 9600, the 9800 now offers 1K x 1K image resolution, better image quality with lower x-ray dosage due to new imaging software, and touch screen operation, on top of the already excellent penetration power, and excellent image quality.

OEC® 9800 Plus C-Arm Configuration Options

The OEC 9800 Plus C-arm is available in a number of configurations, allowing you to select the product features that best meet your clinical needs:

Orthopedics, General Surgery

  • 9800 GSP
  • 9800 ESP
  • 9800 ESP 8 F/S
  • 9800 ESP 15 F/S (12 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For orthopedics, general surgery, GI, pain management and other general applications.

Peripheral Vascular

  • 9800 Vascular 8 F/S
  • 9800 Vascular 15 F/S (12 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For vascular surgery and interventional vascular applications.
  • 12/9/6″ (31/23/15 cm) tri-mode image intensifier: A larger field of view than our standard 9/6/4″ (23/15/10 cm) image intensifier, for many vascular applications or wherever a larger field of view is required.


  • 9800 Neurovascular 30 F/S (25 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery.

Cardiac Surgery and Mobile Cardiac Cath lab

  • 9800 Cardiac 30 F/S (25 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For complex coronary, peripheral or abdominal angiography.
  • Super-C design: Larger than our standard C, the Super C design provides greater clearance and greater range of over scan for the oblique angulations required in both cardiac and spine work (9″(23 cm) I.I. only).

9800 MD C-arm – Super C only

  • 9°/sec. Orbital Motorized Rotation.
  • 9°/sec. Lateral Motorized Rotation.
  • RUI (Remote User Interface – Table Side Control Panel)
  • All 9800 Mainframe Controls.
  • Image Review Functions.
  • C-arm Motion Joystick Control.
  • Motorized Vertical Lift.
  • Contact/Collision Detection.
  • C-arm Angle Display – real-time and saved images.

Built-in DICOM Connectivity

  • The OEC 9800 Plus C-arm is available with an integrated DICOM 3.0 interface that connects to a hospital’s network system.
  • Improved image and patient information management.
  • Query hospital network (DICOM worklist).
  • Send images to the hospital’s central archiving system, or any network printer or laser camera.
  • Use OEC’s trademarked C-View™ software to review from any PC.
  • The OEC 9800 Plus C-arm can address a vast range of clinical, surgical, and vascular applications where you need it. From the ER, OR, ICU or Pain Management Clinic you can leverage the strength and clinical versatility of the gold standard of C-arms.


  • High Resolution 9″ (23 cm) Tri-Mode Intensifier 9”- 6”- 4” (23, 15, 10 cm)
  • X-ray Tube Cooling System & Smaller Focal Spots for longer fluoro on times
  • High Power Rotating Anode X-ray Tube
  • 1k 2 High Resolution Imaging Chain
  • 16” Square Monitors
  • 15 kW Generator for Pulsed Cine Bolus Chasing
  • Fluoro
  • HLF High Level Fluoro
  • Digital Spot
  • Roadmap
  • Digital Subtraction
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 pulse-per-second (pps) imaging modes for dose reductions.
  • Generator is separated from the X-ray tube to provide maximum power without increasing X-ray tube housing heat, improving cooling efficiency.
  • Physician Controlled X-ray Footswitch & Handswitch
  • Simple to Use

Motorized C-arm Movements

  • 9°/sec Orbital (148°).
  • 9°/sec Lateral (279°/90°).
  • Vertical motorized lift.