OEC 9900 Elite Surgical C-Arm

The GE OEC 9900 is a leader in a long line of GE OEC C-arms that have dominated mobile surgical imaging for over three decades. The OEC 9900 redefines performance and style with Dynamic Range Management, which enhances targeted images while reducing background noise. The OEC 9900 features dual LCD flat panel monitors which are viewable from all four sides of the workstation for added convenience. The enhanced imaging capabilities of the OEC 9900 make it the ideal C-arm for orthopedic, vascular, urology, and pain management procedures.


  • 1k2 High Resolution Imaging Chain
  • Dynamic Range Management (DRM)
  • Tri-Mode 9 or 12 Inch Image Intensifier
  • Digital Imaging Rotation
  • 1k x 1k CCD Camera
  • Full Frame Capture AutoTrak
  • Automatic Brightness Stabilization
  • Bolus Chase Preset
- 30 Pulse/second
  • Recording Playback up to 30 FPS
  • Dual 18 Inch Anti-Glare Touch Flat Panel Displays on an Articulating Arm
  • 15kW power generator – 60kHz high frequency- Up to 120Vp
  • Rotating anode X-ray tube
  • Digital Image Rotation
  • Fluoro Mode
  • Pulsed Fluoro Mode
  • High Level Pulsed Fluoro
  • Digital Spot Mode
  • Radiographic Mode
  • Easy archiving and documentation
  • Physician controlled x-ray footswitch and handswitch
  • High-Power pulse anode
  • Dynamic studies at up to 30 pps without motion artifact
  • Dicom 3.0 – Print

The OEC 9900 Elite Is Available in A Number of Configurations, Allowing You To Select The Product Features That Best Meet Your Clinical Needs

Orthopedics, General Surgery and Pain Management

  • 9900 GSP
  • 9900 ESP
  • 9900 PMCare 8 F/S Digital Subtraction
9900 ESP 15 F/S (12 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For orthopedics, general surgery, GI, pain management and other general applications.


  • 9900 Basic vascular 8 F/S
9900 Vascular MTS 30 F/S (25 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For vascular surgery and interventional vascular applications.
  • 12/9/6” (31/23/15 cm) tri-mode image intensifier: A larger field of view than our standard 9/6/4.5” (23/15/10 cm) image intensifier, for many vascular applications or wherever a larger field of view is required.

Cardiac Surgery and Mobile Cardiac Cath lab/EP lab

  • 9900 Cardiac 30 F/S (25 F/S @ 50 Hz)
  • For complex coronary, peripheral or abdominal angiography.
  • Super-C design: Larger than our standard C, the Super C design provides greater clearance and greater range of overscan for the oblique angulations required in both cardiac and spine work (9” (23 cm) I.I. only).

9900 MD C-arm

  • 9°/sec. Lateral Motorized Rotation.
  • 9” (23 cm) I.I., 12” (31 cm) I.I.
  • RUI (Remote User Interface – Table Side Control Panel All 9900 Mainframe Controls.
- Image Review Functions.
- C-arm Motion Joystick Control. – Motorized Vertical Lift.
    Contact/Collision Detection.
  • C-arm Angle Display – realtime and saved images.
  • Enhanced X-ray tube housing cooling system.

Integrated Surgical Navigation

  • Realtime electromagnetic tracking of instruments on fluoroscopic images.
  • Available on all configurations except Cardiac, MD and 12 inch.
  • Ability to track two instruments simultaneously.