Philips Brilliance CT Scanners

The Philips Brilliance CT scanner is one of the most advanced, powerful and versatile systems on the market today. Available in 16, 40 and 64 Slice configurations.

The Brilliance 64-Channel configuration breaks through previous boundaries in CT Imaging, providing large volume, thin-slice coverage to improve diagnostic confidence, image quality and productivity.

With 40mm of thin-slice coverage, the 64 Channel broadens horizons in cardiac imaging, allowing for unprecedented coronary after evaluation. The 64-channel configuration also provides breakthrough performance in advanced pulmonary imaging, multi-organ trauma evaluation and low-dose pediatric applications to boost your facilities clinical capabilities to the highest level attainable.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for leading edge and research-oriented institutions that want to conduct the most advanced multislice CT studies.
  • Provides unprecedented performance in cardiac and coronary artery imaging, pulmonary studies, CTA and critical care exemplifying a new realm of possibilities
  • Expands clinical boundaries through applications, such as extended coverage brain perfusion, that will position CT as a modality of choice in stroke evaluations.
  • Unmatched technology platform redefines your clinical success and provides confidence for the future
  • DoseWise™ design delivers optimal efficiency without compromising image.


  • 8.0 MHU MRC Tube
  • Up to 20ips RapidView reconstruction
  • 64 x 0.625mm acquisition
  • 0.34mm x 0.34mm x 0.34mm isotropic resolution
  • Optional 0.4 second rotation
  • On-board 60kw high frequency, high voltage generator
  • Up to 20 Lp/cm ultra-high spatial resolution
  • High resolution 768²and 1024²reconstruction matrices