Radmedix Acuity DRe

Acuity DRe detectors are the newest generation of DR retrofit solutions designed with the essential conveniences of Radmedix image acquisition and design. Retain the unparalleled image detail you’ve come to expect from our G3 Acuity DR panels at a more price efficient cost without a compromise in our proven quality.

Limitless Performance

These economical DRe panels are light, portable, affordable detectors that can optimize any x-ray room for table and free positioning and tabletop exams with top-of-the-line image quality. There’s also no need to re-work your existing equipment because Acuity DRe fits existing standard Bucky’s and holders.

  • Integrated lithium-ion battery technology with an increased 10hr capacity
  • Exceptional imaging quality using direct deposited Csi
  • Patient dose reduction with reliable and accurate Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Integrated handgrips and lightweight construction for effortless handling
  • 140um pixel pitch with wide 16-bit dynamic range
  • Supports dual band wi-fi connectivity (2.4gHz/5gHz)

High Contrast with Dynamic Range

Acuity DRe offers enhanced imaging technology providing high contrast detailed images for ultimate diagnostic confidence in any clinical environment.

  • Superior image sharpness with enhanced image processing algorithms
  • Direct Deposited CSI technology for Ultra Low dose imaging
  • Increase in MTF from previous generation detectors for better spatial resolution
  • Increased DQE at lower doses to reduce noise
  • Patient dose reduction with reliable lossless AED technology
  • Quick acquisition time, view image in as little as 2.5 seconds.

Charging Dock

  • Acuity DRe 1417 and 1717 wireless systems include a charging dock station between exams to keep the detector at maximum power in the most demanding clinical environments eliminating the hassle of charging and changing batteries.
  • Offers a dual purpose, safe stowage location for the technologist
  • Allows for wall mounting or stood on countertop
  • Rapid and reliable battery “trickle charging”
  • Offers longer battery performance throughout a clinical day
  • Supports both 14×17 and 17×17 wireless models