Radmedix Acuity FDR+


The Acuity FDR+ is our most advanced feature packed x-ray system that covers all digital radiography needs for any practice. If you have the space and want the very best, look no further than the Acuity FDR+. The standard configuration of this x-ray system is a floor mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand and bucky table. This system has advanced safety workflow and positioning features. It also has an intuitive, 10” user-friendly touchscreen that provides seamless operation of your radiographic system. It displays graphical tube angulation, SID values, and tube to bucky auto sync. With such a wide range of features, the Acuity FDR+ is considered our highest performing x-ray system offering unparalleled price-performance ratio.

  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen display for simplified system operation
  • Up to 60 semi-automatic pre-set positions of stand height, orientation, and SID
  • Removable grid
  • Integrated High Frequency X-ray Generator, with customized Anatomical Programming (APR) from the digital technologist workstation
  • Integrated high performance digital flat panel DR detector, with fast image display and exceptional image quality
  • Occupies the smallest footprint within an 8’ ceiling without limiting full functionality
  • Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls from Bucky
  • Integrated safety features with multiple emergency- stop buttons and collision sensors
  • 6 Way Elevating Float Top Table
  • Optional: (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control
  • Dual laser LED collimator

Unlimited Exam Possibilities

  • Quick, easy stand positioning along with motorized source-image-distance (SID) adjustment enables a wide spectrum of upright imaging of the chest, abdomen and other skeletal exams as well as supine imaging of patients on the optional mobile table including various oblique techniques. Ergonomic user interface with multi-language support, simple APR technique selection with automated exposure parameter adjustment settings for patient size, enable a high patient throughput. The Acuity FDR+ offers a unique feature-rich design making it universally useful in all applications of diagnostic radiography.

The Acuity FDR System, Anything but Standard

  • The Acuity FDR+ is also offered in our standard configuration. Offering the same versatility of the Acuity FDR+, but with our standard non-touchscreen display and advanced features. The Acuity FDR Standard offers the same exceptional digital imaging quality but with standard features at a budget friendly price point.