Radmedix G3 Acuity DR


Limitless Performance

G3 Acuity 1417W, 1717W, and 1012W portable models provide limitless portability with reliable operations. Experience unbeatable performance of G3 Acuity DR and increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence! G3 Acuity DR, Radmedix’s innovative digital x-ray solution combined advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With its versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications.

Smart Mode Technology:

One Panel, Multiple Clinical Applications

Radmedix Smart Switch Technology allows for easy “smart switching” between two workstations for mobile and stationary x-ray needs. With a single push of a button, the G3 Acuity DR allows the user to quickly switch between use in a stationary x-ray room with a PC workstation to a portable tablet or laptop for ultimate portability

Wireless Power Charging System

G3 Acuity 1717, 1417, and 1012 wireless systems are embedded with the industry’s first wireless charging system. The WPCS enables seamless wireless charging dock between exams to keep the detector at maximum power while in the most demanding clinical environments eliminating monitoring remaining battery life.

Slim Dual Battery Charger

Two Acuity DR batteries can be simultaneously charged with the Slim Dual Battery Charger. LED display allows for easy check of the battery level and with its light and compact design, user portability and usability are increased. The Charger comes standard with Acuity DR 1417 detector.