Radmedix G4 Acuity DR

Limitless Performance

14×17 | 17×17 | 10×13

All G4 panels have been engineered with a carbon fiber enclosure to make them more lightweight with better protection than ever before. The image quality has also been upgraded with powerful image processing algorithms and they utilize a 100 µm pixel pitch for improved clarity/depth at lower doses as well.

  • Experience our Next Generation Performance G4 Acuity DR Panels today. Change the way you think about diagnostic imaging.
  • G4 panels use a wide 16-bit dynamic range for highly detailed image resolution at 100 µm pixel pitch
  • Integrated high efficiency lithium ion battery technology with up to a 9.5hr capacity
  • Patient dose reduction with stable and reliable Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) without limiting capturing all image data
  • Integrated handgrips and lightweight carbon fiber chassis for ultimate durability with effortless handling
  • G4 panels are IP56 rated for extreme resistance against liquid, dust, and bodily fluids
  • Supports dual band wi-fi connectivity (2.4gHz/5gHz)