Refurbished GE Optima 660 CT Scanners

GE Optima 660 CT Scanner – Refurbished Installed with a 1-year Warranty

The Optima 660 is a True 64 Channel Acquisition with high Resolution Detectors scalable up to 128 slices.

  • Dose Optimization, Artifact Reduction, Sagittal, Coronal, and Volume Imaging
  • Ability to monitor scan phases for low dose intravenous contrast enhancement
  • Dose Management capabilities with tracking hardware and software to minimize patient dose
  • DLP (dose length product and dose efficiency display of patient dose information, dose reporting tool and DICOM structured reports, XR 29 Compliant)
  • Volume Viewer, One Stop Scanning, DentaScan, Table load up to 500 pounds Network Archival Router to PACS, 70 CM Aperture, 6.3 Mhu X-Ray Tube with wide range MA (10-560), High Frequency Generator 48 kW Output