Refurbished Hologic Discovery DXA System

Hologic pioneered dual x-ray (DXA) bone densitometry technology which has become the industry standard for assessing bone health and osteoporosis risk. Today, using the Discovery™ system, clinicians can identify fractures not discernible by physical examination, while determining basic bone mineral density and the patient’s T-score. The system also offers several other impressive applications such as High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment™ (IVA™-HD) which provides a high resolution image for assessing vertebral fractures while also providing visualization of the abdominal aorta for evaluating calcifications (AAC), FRAX® fracture risk assessment, and Advanced Body Composition™ assessment with InnerCore™ visceral fat assessment which affords the clinical practitioner an overview of fat mass, lean mass, and visceral fat all of which could be key indicators for cardiovascular risk and other metabolic disease states.