Siemens R&F Systems

“Pre-Owned” Siemens Luminos and Sireskop SD R&F Systems allow you to implement late generation R&F imaging a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. AXIOM Luminos and Sireskop SD Systems are a top-of-the-line fluoroscopy system designed for the complete spectrum of patient profiles – from pediatrics to bariatrics. With its highly robust, fully automatic table and open architectural design, the system easily supports full dynamic table movements even during examinations on patients weighing up to 500 lbs (230 kg). And for patients weighing up to 600 lbs, the Luminous allows examinations in the locked static table position.

Remarkably convenient and efficient system handling with the new tableside user interface and comprehensive dose-reduction features further complement this extremely versatile imaging solution.

In addition, AXIOM Luminos and Sireskop SD systems offer you the potential for extensive networking capabilities, allowing you to significantly streamline your fluoroscopy room procedures and positively impacting your bottom line.